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I was cleaning the studio closet the other day and found all kinds of surprises...

Works on Paper:


"Good Thing"

"Sweet Potatoe Lady, homage to Diane Arbus"

"Eleanore Parker"

"The Agony"

"Alien" >SOLD to Southern Baptists


"Assault By Contact"



"Johnny Come Home"

"Love Lucy"


"Piglet"{donation for PETA Fundraiser}

"Moon Sister"



"Sanpaku" >SOLD

"Another Suicide"

"Oliver Muller"(gifted to my Cousin Oliver in South Africa)

"It's The End Of The World As We Know It, homage to Albrecht Durer"

"Lady with Pearls, homage to Diane Arbus">SOLD

"Pablo" >SOLD

"Jodie Foster"


"The Bottle"

"John Lennon"


"Andy" >SOLD


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