Art As Therapy
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Art Therapy

Art Therapy is perhaps the artisans only friend during trials and tribulations of modern society.

  I discovered the enormous healing power of art therapy by mistake while locked away in my Dallas, Texas studio years ago after a diagnosis of depression. Having used this method of therapy to heal past pain, I frequently teach workshops in "Therapeutic Artz." I hope to pass this knowledge along to fellow artists and non artists who have a desire to purge thier "stuff" onto paper and canvas. This has proven to be a fun way to rid yourself of negative emotions.

"Bin Laden Dartboard"

oil on paper

40" x 32"

Don David Young


  The 911 Tradgedy

This work on paper was executed at The Palapas Art Gardens in Palm Springs, California immediately following the tragic 911 event. This was my way of purging my fears and frustrations with this inexcusable crime. The dartboard was "slashed" at my public easel several days after completion. I had this piece framed with slash marks and displayed the enormous portrait at The Desert Post Weekly for the next nine months. I was amazed at the power of healing through the mere eyes of the viewer however I am convinced the "slasher" thought my intention was to sensationalize Bin Laden and not to condemn him. The original work of art was confiscated by management until it debuted at The Faces In America Show in Cathedral City, California.

DISCLAIMER: This is when the US public actually beleived that planes hit the Twin Towers and Bldg.7 as well as the tiny hole in the Pentagon!

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence occurs when one person uses a pattern of abusive behavior to get and maintain control over thier partner. This abusive behavior can be emotional, verbal, sexual and/or physical - and it usually increases in frequency and severity over time. It is estimated that this form of abuse occurs in one out of three relationships.

  If you or someone who needs your help is a victim of Domestic Violence please call 2-1-1 for your nearest Toll Free Anti-Violence Crisis Hotline 24 hours/365 days a year.

  Click on the link below to see what this major city is doing for victims of domestic violence. Funding for the Violence Recovery Project generously donated by the United Way of Metropolitan Chicago and Cubs Care.

Howard Brown Violence Recovery Project


  "Scream" is the only work of art that I have allowed myself to title more than once. This painting has been at least a dozen titles to suit a dozen situations. This painting was inspired by an annoying nieghbor who found great satisfaction in taking my studio parking spaces.

Don David's Sister Site

"The Art of Torture and The Freedom of Expression"

Collage on paper

11" x 8 1/2"


Don David Young

"Mark Anton, CEO of AIDS Asisstance Program - Palm Springs, California"

oil on paper

24" x 18"

September 2013

(Mark Anton threw me out of AAP as a client and a donor of Fine Art to their Charity Fundraisers. He did not like the fact that I told him I was not happy with the bad behavior of people in the Low Desert, Palm Springs, Calfornia and needed a retreat up to Santa Fe, NM)

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