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Don David Young Biography

Born in Midwest, U.S., Don David Young grew up in his mother's music school. After her death he relocated to Dallas, Texas as a young teenage runaway, where he attended school for fine arts.


  Don David's passion is to create cutting edge, provocative art geared to evoke emotion. Galleries from Dallas to Palm Springs and Palm Desert have featured his bold German expressionistic style dramatically displayed on canvas and paper.


  "I like to be bold in subject matter and color, provocative and conceptual, while my intention is to provoke an emotion and  a feeling to the viewer."



Artist Statement:

My work is based on emotion. That movement in motion we call life, the joy and tradgedy, the dark and the light. The quest for balance between two worlds are dramatically displayed on canvas and paper. That is the fractured view of life behind the obvious world we live in.

  My direct influences would have to be Wilem De Kooning and Julian Schnabel, although Warhol and Herring both fascinate me as well. The German expressionistic style I paint in is genetic I'm sure. I feel the viewer should really have an "experience" or why bother?


  One of my latest influences has been the late photographer, Diane Arbus. I enjoy giving a painterly view to Diane's photographic vision of the 1960's. My full spectrum interpretations of her black and white photographs present an explosive rebirth of color. My enlarged format enables the viewer to experience her vision in a bold new way.

 The large works on paper are technically drawings, yet posess a painterly quality much like my oil on canvas works.

 Never a dull vision with an inspiration as great as Diane Arbus.

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